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VIET HOA GROUP (VIETNAM) has been established in 1995 with an ambitious to be one of the top professional Freight Forwarders in Vietnamprovide a wide range of professional services to customers.

VIET HOA GROUP (VIETNAM), now a day become a popular name in the market as a successful freight forwarder provides full range of services in freight forwarding business.

- Staying within the top-five group in Air Cargo business, VIET HOA GROUP (VIETNAM) is known as one of the biggest professional Air cargo consolidator in Vietnam.

- Sea freight is also properly invested and to be considered one of the sharp sections in the company.

VIET HOA GROUP (VIETNAM) have four companies and four Branch Offices in Vietnam. With almost 300 staffs working in 8 different offices & branch offices in the South and the North, VIET HOA GROUP (VIETNAM) has now geared to provide good quality services to customers in all over Vietnam. VIET HOA GROUP (VIETNAM) has highly committed in regular trainning in education as well as profession. With a team of specialists in forwarding and transport logistics and a well trained staff, VIET HOA GROUP  rapidly established a forceful presence in providing its customers an array of unique services ranging from packing and movement of special cargoes to just-in-time logistics services. Last but not least, our Board of Director has played an important role in our success by their good management and many year experiences in the Business.

VIET HOA GROUP (VIETNAM) is able to provide you a solution for what ever you need to transport and where ever you are thanks to our World Wide Network. We are member of many Well-known Professional Association worldwide and locally such as: FIATA, IATA , WCNA, AON, MFA, ...

VIET HOA GROUP (VIETNAM)have a warehouse system located in center Ho Chi Minh City of total 4,000 sqm; we have Fleet of forklifts for loading and unloading at the warehouses; we have more than 60 trailer-trucks, 120 chassis, and 10 Van trucks. This gives us the ability to be more cost and time effective. We manage a fleet of trailers and trucks, and also covered and open storage areas, supported by our forklifts and heavy cranes. All cargo operations are supervised and executed by our full time staff stationed there. Hence we are well placed to provide comprehensive, cost-effective and cohesive cargo handling services for both break-bulk, heavy lift/outsized and containerized cargoes. With all this equipment and our experienced staffs, our customers can rest assured of smooth seamless services and quality deliveries.

- We provide following services as :

          * Air Freight
          * Sea Freight
          * World wide Courier Express
          * Inland Transportation
          * Customs broker
          * Ware-housing
          * Trading


With our knowledge and understanding of company processes, technical development and logistics services, our mission is to work as partners to simplify and develop transport solutions which increase effectivity and reduce costs for the customer, also bearing in mind the environmental aspects.


PROMPTNESS – EFFICIENCY - RELIABILITY is VIET HOA GROUP’s top slogan in the field of International Freight Forwarding. VIET HOA GROUP is fully aware of the need to offer a total transport packages to exporters and importers. Our objective is  become a leading forwarding company in Vietnamand well–known worldwide. 

                             We are not only providing Best Services, but also We are providing Best Solutions for all Customers !

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Address: 284 Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Dist. 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel (84-28) 39402520 -Fax: (84-28) 39402601
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