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What Is FOB?
What Is Fob? FOB - Free on Board - is an Incoterms term. Incoterms are not actually transportations, but trade terms that are widely used in the International Trade practice (particularly in the Sea Freight industry) to indicate responsibility and ownership of goods when it is transmitting from seller to...
What Are Incoterms?
What Are Incoterms? Incoterms are 13 standardized definitions of commonly used shipping and trade terms that cover control of goods and financial responsibilities such as payment of cargo insurance and freight. Incoterms provide traders with a common set of rules outlining each party s obligations, thus reducing...
What Are Some Common Export Documents And Where Can I Find Samples?
What Are Some Common Export Documents And Where Can I Find Samples? There are a number of documents that are commonly used in exporting, but specific requirements vary by destination and product. These common export documents are described on our Common Export Documents page. Links to example documents are included when available....
What Is CO?
What Is Co? A Certificate of Origin is a document used in international trade. It traditionally states from what country the shipped goods originate, but "originate" in a CO does not mean the country the goods are shipped from, but the country where there goods are actually made. This raises a definition...
What Is HS Code?
What Is Hs Code? HS Code: Harmonized System (Mã số hàng hóa dùng chung) Definition. The Harmonized System (HS), regarded as the "common language of international trade", is the World Customs Organization s (WCO) international multipurpose product nomenclature used as the basis for Customs tariffs and the...
What Is The Difference Between FOB And CIF?
What Is The Difference Between Fob And Cif? FOB is an abbreviation for Free on Board. This means that the seller pays for transportation of the goods to the port of shipment, plus loading costs. The buyer pays freight, insurance, unloading costs and transportation from the arrival port to the final destination. CIF stands for Cost,...
I Have Received Goods That Were Defective, Damaged Or Not As Ordered; Can I Get Duty And VAT Taxes R
O I Have Received Goods That Were Defective Damaged Or Not As Ordered CanI have received goods that were defective, damaged or not as ordered; can I get duty and VAT taxes repaid? You can claim back duty and VAT if: • You return the goods to the shipper or • You arrange for the goods to be destroyed under supervision. You must make a claim within 12 months from the...
The Goods I Sent For Repair Could Not Be Fixed And I Have Been Sent A Replacement; Do I Have To Pay
The Goods I Sent For Repair Could Not Be Fixed And I Have Been Sent A Replacement; do I have to pay duty and VAT? No duty is payable if the goods have been replaced free of charge under guarantee or warranty However, VAT is payable on the full value of the goods because all replacement items are treated as new goods for VAT purposes....
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