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What Is Door-to-door Service?
What Is Door To Door Service? Door-to-door service means the car transport driver will get as close to your door within limits of safety and legality. Many cities have restrictions on large trucks prohibiting them from going through residential areas. Most of our auto shipping trucks are very big and require a large area...
What Is A Bill Of Lading?
What Is A Bill Of Lading? A document that establishes the terms of a contract between a shipper and a transportation company under which freight is to be moved between specified points for a specified charge. Usually prepared by the shipper on forms issued by the carrier, it serves as a document of title, contract of...
What Is Dimensional Weight And How Is It Calculated?
What Is Dimensional Weight And How Is It Calculated? Dimensional weight is a formula used to calculate the volume weight of a shipment and it is based on the actual dimensions of the piece. (I.e. a carton that's dimensions are 42" x 30" x 36" and only weighs 120 lbs, would dim out to 260 dimensional pounds. The same carton would "dim out" to 274...
What Is The Sea Freight Bill Of Lading?
What Is The Sea Freight Bill Of Lading? In respect of Sea Freight (International Cargo transportation by Sea) a Bill of Lading (also referred as a B/L or BOL) is a document issued by an Ocean Freight Carrier acknowledging that specified goods have been received on board as cargo for conveyance to a named place for delivery to the...
What Is The "Live Load" And "Drop And Pick"?
What Is The Live Load And Drop And Pick? In respect of using our Online FCL Ocean Freight Price Calculator, Sea Freight (Option A) does NOT include cost of inland container(s) pre-carriage to a place of load. Ocean Freight is the price for container(s) transfer between seafreight carriers Container Yards only. Option B in our Online...
What Is Container Yard (CY)?
What Is Container Yard Cy(CY)? In respect of FCL freight a Sea Port Container Yard (CY) is a facility at which FCL traffic and empty containers are received from or delivered to the consignee by or on behalf of the sea freight carrier. It is the place at which loaded and empty multimodal sea freight containers are...
Surcharges In Sea Freight (Or Ocean Freight)
Surcharges In Sea Freight Or Ocean FreightSurcharges in Sea Freight (or Ocean Freight) Total Sea Freight (or Ocean Freight) offered in a price quote should include SURCHARGES added to Basic Sea Freight (or Ocean Freight). Basic Sea Freight (or Ocean Freight) or BAS - It is the cost of the sea freight from port to port. Typically...
What Is Sea Freight (Or Ocean Freight)?
What Is Sea Freight Or Ocean Freight(or Ocean Freight)? In respect of using our Online Sea Freight Price Calculator, Sea Freight (or Ocean Freight) is the part of total Freight Cost of an international shipment by sea that covers containers move between carrier s Container Yards (CY) at origin and destination. It is very important...
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